In order to avoid eye rings, you should strictly avoid exaggerated stress situations. Stress has Seborrheic Dermatitis been proven to have a negative effect on the skin's appearance and can quickly lead to dark rings in the eye area. Pleasant working hours, few or even no overtime, no constant accessibility, can already bring about miracles! Important is a balanced, healthy life with enough exercise and sports.

Presumably, most eye rings are directly related to severe fatigue. If the partying was very long or the job was very stressful and banging, everyone sooner or later suffered. In these cases the sleep and life rhythm should be normalized as soon as possible! By compensating for the lack of sleep times the eyes can already be counteracted by many people.

Ocular rings are often also formed by water dehydration. If, for example, you were celebrating for a long time, a lot of alcohol and alcohol smoked, natural moisture is removed from the skin. The dry skin and the area of ​​the face, the sensitive skin of the eyes seborrheic dermatitis hair loss temporary, and the blood-thinning areas are then easily increased. These eyes can only be counteracted or greatly weakened by taking at least two daily liters of natural water. Many even recommend three liters of water per day! It would be better if the water was absorbed by the afternoon at the latest. If too much liquid is absorbed later, deposits and puffy skin spots in the eye area can occur.

Through years of experience, a large amount of recommended house means can now be found. The cooling of the affected sites is extremely popular with various means. Here the recommendations of ice cubes, over cooled spoons, which are placed on the eye rings for a short time seborrheic keratosis removal hydrogen peroxide, up to special gels. Also here, the delicate skin under the eyes should be especially noticed! In some cases, eye rings can easily become worse by additional irritation. With moist pouches with black or green tea one can however the view of many recommendations for not nothing wrong.