These are some of the features Wikispaces offers

WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) page editor

Our visual page editor is as easy to use as a word processor. It lets you format your text, insert images and files, and link to other pages using a simple toolbar.


Picture and File Manager

Our picture manager makes putting pictures and files on your pages simple and fun.

  • picture-manager.png

Easy Linking

Just select some text, click our link button and select the location you want to link to.

  • links.png

Powerful Search

Search your space, or search all public wikispaces using advanced operators.

Creative Commons and Custom Licensing

We support the use of Creative Commons and GNU FDL licenses to encourage open use of information. Of course if you prefer, you can opt not to use those licenses.

Space Backups

Download a copy of your space in wikitext or HTML format any time you like. Pages and files in HTML backups are fully inter-linked, so you can download a complete browsable copy of your wiki.

  • backup.png

Public, Protected, and Private Spaces

Your Wikispaces can be open to the public, protected from editing, or completely private.

  • ppp.png

Visual Page Histories

Each version of each page on Wikispaces is saved and you can easily see the differences between any two versions.

  • diff.png

Easy Page Reverting

Don't like the new version of a page? Go back to a previous version with one click.

RSS Feeds

Monitor the changes to any space or page with RSS feeds.

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Email Notifications

We can email you anytime a change is made to a page or a space.

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Discussion forums

We provide a discussion forum on every page so you can have discussions right along with your wikispaces.

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Blog Integration

Import your blog entries automatically and directly into your Wikispaces.

  • blog-integration.png


Tag pages for easy categorization.

  • tags.png

Wikispam Protection

We have mechanisms in place to stop wikispam because we don't like spammers.

SSL Encryption

Our private spaces use SSL encryption so that secure data remains secure.

Space Histories

Our recent changes list makes it easy to see all the activity in your space.

  • recent-changes.png

Navigation Sidebar

Each wikispace has a navigation sidebar that can be used as an index to your space.

  • navigation.png

Space Statistics

We provide graphs and downloadable statistics which track how many views and visitors are coming to your wikispace, what countries your visitors are coming from, and the frequency of edits and messages.

  • stats_scaled-738276.png

Embedded Media

The web is full of great services that we want you to be able to use right from your wiki. Think video, audio, calendars, group chat and more. You can now paste in the HTML from any web service and it will show up on your wikispaces page.

  • embed_media.png

  • stevie.png

Themes and Stylesheets

You may select from a number of pre-built themes for your wikispace or create your own. By changing your theme and stylesheet you can completely customize the look and feel of your space.

  • themes.png


We save drafts as you edit so that you can always come back to work in progress.

  • draft.png


The content created using variables is automatically updated to reflect some underlying information, like the number of pages in your space or the current date.

For example,
  • This page was last updated by adam on Jun 21, 2007 9:05 pm.
Can be generated with
  • This page was last updated by {$revisioneditor} on {$revisiondate}.

Web Folders (WebDAV)

Wikispaces supports Web Folders so you can manage many files and pages at once. Windows and Mac OS X support Web Folders so you can access your Wikispace just like it was a folder on your computer.

  • webdav9.png

  • webdav-osx4.png

Automatic Merging

When people try to edit the same page at the same time, Wikispaces merges the changes so that people don't have to worry about overwriting each other's work.

For example, take a page says this:
  • Apples are tasty
  • Oranges are sweet
  • Pears are tangy

If, Dom and James decide to edit the page at the same time. Dom changes "tasty" to "yummo" and saves. James changes "tangy" to "delicious" and saves. Wikispaces recognizes that the changes do not conflict and merges them into one, reading:

  • Apples are yummo
  • Oranges are sweet
  • Pears are delicious

Math Formulas

LaTex support allows you to include mathematical formulas in your Wikispaces.
Wrap your LaTex formula in [[math]] tags, and you can generate a formula like this:

  • external image math.gif

Custom Domain Names

Our Custom Domain feature allows your space to live at,, or any other domain you like.

  • jbyers-home-small.png